Since very young, Diogo Almeida remembers having had one goal in life: to be an actor. "Whenever I talked about it, some people believed it was just 'child's idea'. But even so, my parents took my wishes into account," he recalled. It was a school teacher who identified what some people might consider 'childhood dream' was rather a genuine desire and the life calling by the profession that he embraced early on.

Even without having attended the theater as he wondered, the stage was his passion and eventually his childhood companion. At 10, he was already enrolled in the first course to learn what he dreamed of. After that, came the Arena Theatre and a free course, taught by the  actor André Mattos. "I grew up in the Arena Theatre and thereby I was sure that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life," said Diogo. After the Arena Theatre, where he debuted on stage at 13 and with the certainty of his decision growing every day, the surest way was “Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras (CAL)”, which he joined in pursuit of becoming a professional as an actor.

His contact with the seventh art came through the group "Nós do Cinema", that takes part  in "Nós do Morro". Through it, Diogo took part in all the preparation for the film "Cidade de Deus" by Fernando Meirelles, which has become a hit worldwide, however he ended up not participating in the film. Still, the knowledge acquired in 1999, was applied in another feature film, "A Frente Fria Que a Chuva  Traz” by Neville D'Almeida.

In the meantime, there were tests for television. The first was for the soap opera "Duas Caras”, in 2008. He won the role of an activist in the plot of Aguinaldo Silva. Thereafter, he participated in other soap operas, as "Promessas de Amor" in TV Record and "Alto Astral" in TV Globo.

Entre em Contato

Taina Bevilacqua



CAL - Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras



2015 – Alto Astral - TV Globo

Writer: Daniel Ortiz
Director: Jorge Fernando
Character: Participação Especial

2009 – Promessas de Amor – TV Record

Writer: Tiago Santiago
Director: Alexandre Avancini
Character: Garcia l

2008 – Duas Caras - TV Globo

Writer: Aguinaldo Silva
Director: Wolf Maia
Character: Rudolf Stenzel


2015 – A Frente Fria que a Chuva Traz

Script and Director: : Neville D’Almeida
Character: Gigante



2016 - Dhrama

Writer: João Falcão
Director: Luiz Estellita Lins
Character: Arjuna

2014/2015 – Mania de Explicação

Writer: Adriana Falcão e Luiz Estellita
Director: Gabriel Villela
Character: Laurinda e Fonte Cristalina

2015 – Paulo e Estevão

Writer: Chico Xavier
Director: Léllah Hammer
Character: Paulo

2006 – Os Sete Gatinhos

Writer: Nelson Rodrigues
Director: Adriano Garib
Character: Dr Portela

2005 – Splish Splash

Writer: Liane Maia
Director: Liane Maia
Character: Marcelo e Bocão

2004- Os Amantes do Metro

Writer: Jean Tardieu
Director: Luiz Furlaneto
Character: O Indivíduo

2004 – O Tempo e os Conways

Writer: J B Priestley
Director: Renato Icarahy
Character: Gerald Torton a

2003 – Bodas de Sangue

Writer: Garcia Lorca
Director: Renato Icarahy
Character: O Noivo

2000 – A Maquina e o Homem

Writer: Regina Pierini
Director: Regina Pierini
Character: Homem a

1999 – O Trombadinha

Writer: Regina Pierini
Director: Regina Pierini
Character: João

1998 – Tio Sanduba

Writer: Regina Pierini
Director: Regina Pierini
Character: Zé

1997- Brincadeiras de Papel

Writer: Regina Pierini
Director: Regina Pierini
Character: Pedro